Studiomux Gain Question

Hi, I’m currently using studiomux as an AU plugin on the master channel in Ableton Live and routing audio to an Iphone 11.

Does studiomux output a lower volume when routing directly to the Iphone vs playing from IOS apps such as Dropbox?

I noticed when I route a sound directly to the Iphone from live and studiomux it sounds much lower than when I export the sound to a wav file and then play that file from dropbox.

Note* I can confirm that I do not have any gain staging differences or any plugins on the master fader during export.

I’d love to know if I can use studiomux to reference volume and mix when creating sounds for IOS.

Thanks a bunch!


we do not lower Volume Audio during transfer or while playback. During transfer we apply a 3rd order interpolation to adjust the clock drift between devices.

Do you use the current store version or the beta?



I’m using the beta version. Can I assume that apps like Dropbox are adding some gain then? Trying to figure out why those files might play louder. Thanks again!

I tried the same with apples music app (playing sample vs. sending through studiomux) and couldn’t hear a difference. I tested with a sine [-1,1].

Not sure if dropbox applies some manipulation for audio previews…

Ok thank you!

I want to follow up on this topic because I have same problem!

I also have audreio and it doesn’t have this problem, it plays back at normal volume.
I found that looping back the audio from ableton to studiomux and then back to ableton results to no loss in volume, so the problem is only the speaker monitor volume!

Another way to demonstrate this issue is to open a copy of any AU and play a preset inside a studiomux, hearing it trough the phone speaker. Then open the same preset in the standalone version of the same AU. You’ll find the difference in volume is quite obvious!

Is there a way to adjust the preview volume?

Perhaps, you can create a screen recording demonstrating? Maybe the particular app makes a difference?

Hey guys,
I finally made a video to demonstrate the issue:

Some considerations:
The problem doesn’t appear on headphones, just with the iphone speaker.

I tried with an ipad and there seems to be no issue, so maybe the problem is only on iphone (I have an iphone 11).

I tried with other auv3 and daws and it was always the same result, lower volume on studiomux when monitoring trough the main speakers.

Tried with auv3 as well as iaa, and obviously with network inputs from my DAW, all of those cases are affected, so it seems more of an output monitoring problem than an input one! (Also cause the screen recording doesn’t have any volume difference between studiomux auv3 and the synth app)

Let me know if you can reproduce this issue on your phone and please take a look at this issue, it’s crucial for me to be able to listen to my mixes on my phone while still adjusting the sound on my daw!

Thanks a lot in advance!


i discovered a related phenomena on an iPhone 12 mini, that may led to the solution somehow, as it boosts or adjusts the main gain of studiomux.

To reproduce:

  • open studiomux, load an AUv3 synth and play a sound
  • open AUM, load the same AUv3 synth, play sound
  • switch to studiomux and play the the synth again… it will be louder in comparison to the initial sound

We will try to find and fix the gain issue as soon as possible.



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Hey pascal,
Thanks for the reply!
I unfortunately don’t have AUM but for me the main use for monitoring trough the iphone speaker is mostly when listening to external audio input (DAW).
Do you have a workaround for that?