Studiomux ipad app won't give me audio routing tab- v 5.123

Just bought a new ipad 7th gen, got the new studiomux app and I can get it to play midi from my midi keyboard connected to my laptop but there’s no audio tab, or at least it doesn’t look anything like the photos in the app store. I get 8 options to route audio through Audiobus channels 1-8 but that’s all I can choose. I remember being able to route it through to studiomux on my laptop, sending the audio through to an Ableton channel to record.

I have photos of what my app now looks like, which is not much like on the Apple app store nor what I remember.

I’ve also tried to get the Beta in hopes this would work but the link is dead.

Have you installed the server on your laptop?

yes, it’s running. midi is working but no audio options on the iPad app except for audiobus which is another $15 app- is that what I need to get this to work?

You don’t need audiobus. Press the + button at the top of any channel, & on the left you will see your IAA & AU instruments. Open either one, choose an instrument & drag it onto the channel of your choice.
Add a Studiomux vst instance on a channel in your DAW, select the device & corresponding channel number. If everything is installed correctly, audio from your iPad should now be available in your DAW.

I am having the same issue as in the original post.

I have installed the server on Windows and can load the VST into Ableton, but no devices or channels are available to select.

The iPad is showing as connected in the top right corner of Studiomux and right clicking on the server shows 1 connected device over USB.