studiomux server doesn't like me

hello there,

i am using studiomux on ipad 11 inch, connect to pc running windows 10 64bit using usb type-c cable without any other hubs, and unable to access studiomux server after launching it. in fact, the studiomux icon on system tray disappear in few seconds after every time i launch it, both connect on ipad or not. and even the daw applications don’t recognize any of studiomux device either. is there any firewall issue or something have to fix? once studiomux server worked normally. after i re-install studiomux server, everytime i see the icon on task tray, move mouse cursor on it, the icon gone. then launch it again, try to install vst’s, the icon gone. try again, gone.

You’re better off posting on the Audiobus forum. This software product seems to be no longer supported by the developer.

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inter-app setting is fine.
problem is on the server i.e. the computer.

I hope Zerodebug will answer your question! ---- and mine too!


finally use rtpmidi and loopmidi instead. only midi keyboard app launched and work fine. leave all settings default.

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Very sorry for answering only now guys!

If the server keeps crashing - please download and install iTunes from here:

It’s mandatory that you download and install it from there instead of the Windows Store - Microsoft forbids to install the packaged DLLs (which we require to connect via USB) the proper way via the Windows Store

Please let me know if that works!


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hi chris, thank you for reply.
now i am sure the problem is neither on ios device(s) nor settings on itune.
at least i try on other windows devices, studiomux server works normally.
the same problem only happens within one windows device.
every time i launch studiomux server on task tray, and click the icon for install vst’s, the icon always disappear immediately.
looking forward for new updates of studiomux.

final update.
finally, studiomux server launched after i installed “duet” for windows (for using ipad as sub display)
then rebooted for several times, i moved mouse cursor on the small studiomux server icon, it launched.
maybe some config changed during installation. studiomux server works normally, and installed vst and vst64 into destinated folders. now all stuff came back again.
maybe it’s something useful for windows users so i wrote it down.

Ciao Yingfan
ho il tuo stesso problema con la icona che scompare immadiatamente
puoi spiegarmi come hai fatto esattamente?


i have exactly the same issue and a similar setup.

  • Studiomux server dissapears after a few seconds

using Studiomux_x64_313

i installed itunes driectly from apple like it is also said in the setup instructions.
I have latest Windows 10 on a MSI B450 board with Ryzen 3700x

i also installed the duet software just to check, this didn´t help for me.
but i noticed something else:
it seems like studiomux will shut down after a few seconds only when ableton live is runing.
Right now i only have Firefox open and the studiomux server is running without trouble.