Studiomux vst doesn’t appear in cubase

Hi to all. I’ve cubase 5 32bit on windows 7 64bit. I’ve ipad with ios 15.1. Ipad is connected to pc via usb. Studiomux seems to works on ipad and it connects with win7. It seems working… but i’m not able to see vst in cubase: neither studiomux_instrument nor studiomux_effect. Everything was working with previous studiomux version. I’ve tried to copy the vst3 files anywhere in cubase… in vst3 folder… in vst folder etc etc. But it doesn’t appear in cubase.
Help me please!!

Studiomux vsts are 64bit so I guess that this is the reason why your Cubase 5 32bit doesn’t see them

Are there any 32bit vst server versions?

I’m not sure, everything installs only in the 64 bit Program Files. Actually they are also VST3 only. Does your Cubase 5 32bit support VST3?

Yes it does… i copied vsts in vst3 folders but i can’t see them in cubase. If i create a midi track then i’m able to select audiomux midi input, but no vst appears.

Help me please