Studiomux : Where is the user’s manual ?


I don’t find the manual of Studiomux.

Within the app, when I click on the Help menu (interrogation mark), nothing happens…

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It’s on the Zerodebug main website.

This link doesn’t work. Netither as the FAQ or the downloads on the same webpage…

Another way to download the manual and the Windows software, please ?

…or can you send theml to me by mail ?

Thank you in advance

StudiomuxManual.pdf (1.9 MB)

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Could you, please, also provide the Studiomux Server installer for Windows ?

Sorry it’s too big. Why can’t you access the Zerodebug website?

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I access the website, but the link to download Windows software does not work…
It looks like the website does not work as it should.
Just give it try by yourself, you’ll see what I mean

It’s working fine for me here on desktop ( Firefox) & iPad (Safari) in the U.K.

I got the link to the studiomux Windows server to work for me using Windows 10 Firefox, Windows 10 Chrome and iOS 14.8 Safari:

However: using those same browsers from the studiomux page, the “Win” and “FAQ” links in the upper right corner both just bring up a blank, black page:

Screenshot 2021-11-05 170456

Just tested it, & getting the same behaviour here…make sense now…

@Tesph If you scroll down the studiomux website page, the servers are at the bottom of the page…