Template Editor Bug: Sliders to Buttons



I have built quite some templates in Touchable 3 and a thing I like to do is use one shot buttons to divide a slider using the percentage value.

example Cthulhu in Touchable 3, the row of Buttons A-L is the pattern slider:

Dividing a slider into buttons they are stuck in Pro, if I add a corresponding slider, the slider stays stuck too.

The new template editor seems very promising, but not useable to me yet, also templates keep disappearing after saving.

Good luck,



Hello Jasper.
did you find solution for templates?

I saved them and export them to icloud or inside of Touchable pro folder and load them from there and it works fine for now.

I have big event coming end of March and kind of scary to use this app.
Hopefully they can fix this problems and connection issues too…


Hi Hiko, for now I’ve not tried anymore. Using my templates is vital to me, and still use Touchable 3 for that. I had been running T3 on 1 iPad an Tpro on the other but since drumracks started crashing T3 I reverted back to an older server program for Touchable and now am all the way back to just using Touchable 3.


Thank you for the idea .
I completely forgot about T3.lol
and you are right …
Can’t use drumracks any more…
but it’s more stable than Tpro.
I will rebuild my live template on T3.:slight_smile: