Template Editor bugs, and overall health of Touchable Pro

Hello, I’m a brand new user of Touchable Pro. I just purchased it today. Overall it’s pretty incredible, installation was seamless and it connected immediately over wifi and basic Ableton controls are working great.

It kinda seems like the app is no longer in active development though, and that the community has kind of died down in recent years. A lot of the tutorials I’m seeing are about older versions for instance, there’s barely any youtube videos out there about the latest “pro” version that’s now been out for several years.

One of the main features I want to use is building custom templates to control my favorite VST plugins, and I’m discovering that the editor is incredibly buggy and difficult to use. Just trying to set up some basic rotary knobs is proving quite difficult - the sizing algorithm seems very broken, if I make an element smaller and then bigger again it changes the dimensions of the knob and the sizes of the label text. The font size setting only seems to affect the value text not the label name text, sometimes the label name gets really tiny and there’s no way to make it bigger again. Once I do finally get a component the right size, there is no way to duplicate it to have another one with the same layout, if I copy and paste it the new one starts off a completely different size. The grid element sort of works to make all the knobs all the same size, but then randomly the label text for all of them gets really tiny within the grid and I can’t make it bigger. The overall canvas grid units are so tiny that it’s very hard to get things sized consistently, and then if you try to drag it around it’s very easy to accidentally resize it instead and then you have to start again. Undo seems to just delete stuff from the page rather than undo my last movement or action, and redo doesn’t do anything.

Looking into these issues now I see some discussion of similar bugs going back years with no updates.

So I’m just wondering - is this product basically out of development at this point, and what we see today is all that we’ll get, bugs and all? Or is there any intention of fixing these bugs making the template editor work better?


i don’t know why the developers abandoned their creation. I don’t even care about the fact that they still get payments via AppleStore/Microsoft/Android, for an abandonded project. The programm would be SO good, if updated on a regular basis / implementing feedback from the community. But as a live artist, nothing is more disgusting than unreliable software, what a pity this is!

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