Template editor is killing me

I keep losing my templates if I move tracks or devices around. The active template stops working and/or crashes and when I reload or re import I get a blank.

I’m going to try setting everything to midi values rather than connecting internally and see if that’s more forgiving…

I have the same issue on ipad . and it’s impossible to make templates on windows app (does not load save import export)
with midi ?Not so, it works but it seems that touchable pro does not receive any midi from ableton.
Then we just have to wait until it works :wink:

Yeah, the editor definitely does not seem ready for primetime, which is unfortunate since it’s my #1 tool with Touchable. I have confidence it will get sorted out soon though, these guys are tearing through problems. In the meantime I’ve been running Touchable 3 on my iPad (for using my custom templates) and Touchable Pro on a phone/Samsung tab for various module controls.

Yeah I have full faith as well. I’m so stoked about this update, not mad at all that I had to buy it all over again!

A few other notes:

-sometimes it crashes when tapping the root icon

-I might be trippin but it seems like copy/pasting a big busy window to a blank page then dragging it up to the page you want it in is safer than pasting to a page with other controls already in place.

-I wasted so many hours on disappearing templates that I burnt out and haven’t put my “midi values only” setup through the paces yet but certainly had no crashes when going thru and reassigning everything

-I’ve used pro successfully on 3 disparately aged iPads simultaneously and it worked great, curious to know more about the offset connected to placement of the iPads on the master grid

-individual clip object in the editor = giving dummy clips the respect they deserve :wink::rofl:

Pumped about this update! Also having problems with the Template Editor, which is my main use for the app:

Any time I duplicate or move a track, even within the app, the current template disappears and can’t be loaded. Only when I hit undo and go back to the original configuration of tracks I can re-load the template.

allenjournalism - let me know if that “midi values only” setup works for you at all!

A few more issues:

  • I can’t for the life of me figure out the “popup” container and there is no literature on it.
  • Is there any way I can “lock” a device in the Template Editor so that re-loads the device when I load the template.

Yeah, pop up stuff is a little tricky when we don’t know but it’s really cool.
It’s a hideable container with a button to hide it . here is an example. Pop%20up%20container

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Thanks for posting this zengel. Didn’t know you could drag the inner box! I’ll play around with this, seems like a great feature.

you are welcome !
it is one imo to :slight_smile:
Have fun !

This problem still persists. Is it going to be fixed in the next update?

Hi. we are currently working on an update… we will try to sort out all issues mentioned until release.


Any news yet?