Template Editor/No Colors/Crashing

In Touchable Pro There are no colors for buttons etc(Just all grey) When I do click on the color selector the whole app crashes. Is the Template editor in Pro good to go or is it still being fixed? Thanks love the app otherwise.

Are you connected to Live when you are seeing this behavior? I experience the same issues when I open the app & it’s not connected to Live, but as soon as it is, you should see the colors & be able to edit the templates again.

I really really hope it eventually goes back to the way it used to be though. I spent a lot of time away from Live designing/refining templates. it’s really unfortunate to now only be able to do that work when you are connected to Live imo.


sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix this issue within the next update. Currently we are retrieving all colors from Live directly, to make sure the colors are identical. As you mentioned, you won’t be able to select a color, when you are not connected to Live. We will save a copy of the Live’s colorset to make sure it is available, even when touchAble is not connected to Live.




Can’t wait! That is a big feature for me.

Great! and thank you for the reply!

Hi again,

just wanted to give a little update. To fulfill the needs of Live 9 and 10 users we have implemented the color pallet as follows: At first start up we provide the Live 10 color pallet, each time touchable connects to Live the color pallet gets update. So Live 9 and 10 users will always have the color pallet fitting to ther Live version. We hope to release the update soon, still working on the big server update, especially interesting for Windows users since the server doesn’t need itunes services any longer.


Excellent, very much appreciated!