test flight beta

Hi All

Ive recently downloaded the testfligt beta of touchable pro and really like it. I like the fact that I can operate controls of the synths like analog and operator however there is alot of bugs, things like buttons not updating when I nvigate around. Have these things been sorted out in the release version


In reponse to my previous meessage I decided to buy touch-able pro as my trial time is running out. As feared the issues I have come across in Operator are still there. These are as folllows:-
1, currant state of oscillators BC&D (fixed/non fixed) not initially uploaded.
2, colour of button of oscillators BC&D (fixed/non fixed) doesn’t change when change in ableton.
3, the current selected function (LFO , Filter, Pitch and Global )buttons stop responding when an oscilliator is selected, one of the other function buttons has to be pressed first.

I’d like to know if these issues are known about.