The worst software Touchable is PURE GARBAGE

This touchable app is GARBAGE plain and simple. It never works for more than a day and I always have to reinstall. PURE GARBAGE GIVE PEOPLE THEIR MONEY BACK!! Beyond infuriated at how many times I’ve given this JUNK a chance. REFUND!!

Sorry to hear,

could you maybe describe the issue and platforms you are working on, maybe we can help you.


of course, @sektor, justs wants to complain and not attempt to help in any way, or even resolve any issues… usually human error, hahaha!?!

seems like maybe they are upset about some other things going on, maybe???

I can confirm this working on multiple ipads, iphones, and even androids.
although it isnt always as smooth but this app has been pretty flawless for my needs and have only had a few crashes when clip editing sometimes.

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