Totally lost tryign to get basics to work nothing useful online or manual

Complete newbie to the ios music production world. I just baught a new macbook pro 14 (osx ventura), a new ipad 10 (ios version 16). Installed a fresh copy of Ableton Live suite 11 (whatever the latest version is at the time of writing). Installed Arpeggionome, soundprism and other apps and of course, Studiomux on the ipad.

I want to send MIDI from chord/meology generation apps on the ipad into vsts in Ableton via Studiomux. Thats it.

Typical use case:

Arpeggionome ios app → Studio Mux ios app → Studio Mux mac server thing → Ableton → a virtual instrument runnig in Ableton.

When I first tried to install the server a message appeared saying something about system extensions being blocked, the name Chris something something and I can’t remember the rest of what it said. I uninstalled and reinstalld the server many times just for the sake of seeing that message again so I could take note but it never appeared again. I can see the studiomix symbol appear in the system tray, but when I right click and click “install plugins v. 5140” nothing happens. Are they installed? I dunno. Don’t even know how to check. However I do see “AUv2” appear in my pugins directory in Ableton so I don’t know if that means anything. In Ableton preferences, the in/out Track and Sync ports are all ticked. In the Studiomux app I have Arpeggionome on channel1 input, sometimes grey with a message box telling me its not responding, then I have to restart one or both apps. In Arpeggionome the MIDI output settings have been set to Studiomux.

I just want to get argeggiated chordy goodness from Arpeggionome into vsts in ableton. Please help!

I have set up

Hi @Sunny ,

It sounds like you’re running 5.140.
I don’t know if using 5.142 will resolve your issues but it is still available here:

Good luck.