touchable 10 year deal

if anyone reads. i have touchable pro on ipad n’ computer. it works, but the screen was …ipad screen was clearly not what i was seeing in tutorials on youtube.

i searched what i thought was a new version with the actual screen i want…much greater pad control and looking much more like push 2. this was what i’d seen on tutorials. i checked the app store and there was a ‘special offer’ to download the package.

i’ve got the new ‘touchable’ (not touchable pro) but there is no way to get a connection. it simply will not connect. further reading says it is a legacy series (touchable 3)

can anyone explain what is going on here. it is inconceivable that an earlier version of touchable is so much more intuitive and so much more playable and offering so much more visual reference than ‘touchable pro’.

if anyone reads and can direct me towards how to contact touchable directly i’d be mightily grateful.


sorry for the inconvenience. Regarding the bundle: Our intention was to create an update bundle giving previous users the chance to update to touchable pro at a lower price. touchable3 is a legacy version not supported any-longer. touchable3 will not support Ableton Live11. We removed touchAble3 and the bundle from the store now, to prevent any further confusion. We recommend to request a refund for the bundle.,refund%20and%20submit%20your%20request.

Regarding the connection touchable3 requires a different server than touchable pro any chance you tried to connect touchAble3 with the pro server?

You will find the latest pro server here:

And the latest t3 server here:

We tried to keep touchable pro as intuitiv as touchable3 and tried transferred most of the UI elements to touchable pro. Can you give us an example of a feature, that you find more intuitive in touchable3?



Oh, thats unfortinate, i was gonna get the upgrade on the first. Is there another way to upgrade without paying full price? I already bought touchable pro for windows as well. Thank you. @Pascal


we hope to release a new version for iOS next week and will give a discount for all platforms on the day of the release.

Unfortunately it is not possibel to offer cross platform bundles, when distributing app via iOS/android/microsoft store.



Hello @Pascal,

Did the discount ever happen? I saw the update two days ago but I did not see any discount.

Thank you