Touchable 3 no longer available in appstore?

Hi, today in my ipad a message for updates available advice me about a new version of TB 3 (3.4.3), but i couldnt download it because is no longer available!..if i’ve reset my ipad for some reason…i will be the chance to instal it again the app i’ve paid for it?..
In appstore is available only touchable pro…(i was a beta tester by the way :))…

touchAble 3 should still be available! We keep it in the store to provide further updates. However, we did put the price to 999$ so noone new buys this version anymore.

The update makes touchAble 3 compatible with the server & script for pro, so you can run them alongside each other now!

Can you check in your purchased applications tab if it’s still available there?


Yes, is in the purchased tab. The problem is i can’t update to last version 3.4.3…and im not sure if i could install in the future if i should reset my device someday. The problem is that the app IS NOT available in my country store anymore (Chilean store to be precise)…im living in Chile, south america. “is not longer available” is the message. But touchable pro IS available now…curious.

We’ll check it and make sure they’ll be available again if something went wrong. We definitely want them to stay available so we can keep them maintained!

Cheers for the heads up!

It seems that it’s a glitch in Apples Servers - pretty sure it will be back once they processed it correctly!

Same here (Germany) „Dieser Artikel ist nicht mehr verfügbar“

Today, still is the same. Look the screenshot.IMG_0023

Yep, same here for us - we’re in contact with Apples support and hope to have this resolved soon.
For now, you can update via your Purchased page:

Go to the App Store Apps main page, tap your profile pic in the upper right corner -> tap on ‘Purchased’
If you search for touchAble, you should find the app in it’s latest version there - and you should be able to download.

sorry for the inconvenience!

YES!..i could update now via Purchased page!