"touchAble" doesn't appear in control surface dropdown menu

I have used touchAble since 2years ago and today I found that It’s not working now. And I also found that my touchAble server is out of date so I installed ver.1727.

Now I can play software instruments with keys in touchable, but I still see no clips in clips module.

As I wrote in the subject, “touchAble” doesn’t appears in controls surface.
2021-08-21 (2)

What can I do to fix this?


could you please check, if the installer copied the scripts properly:

They are now located in Live’s User Library:

/Users//Music/Ableton/User Library

Please also check Live’s User Library Settings and make sure they are identical:

Currently only the latest windows installer identifies custom User Library locations, we will port the functionality to the OSX installer within the next week.



Hello, Pascal.

I could solve my problem with your advice. Thank you very much.
As you mentioned, RemoteScript wasn’t in the User Library.

It seemed that script installer has a bug.

I couldn’t found that and I’m not sure where is the script, so I tried to install the script again.

I could designate install path with following dialog.
スクリーンショット 2021-08-29 11.39.44

But in fact, script has installed into another path.

Indeed I found the script in this folder.
スクリーンショット 2021-08-29 11.40.14

Sorry for the confusion, the installer displayed the old install path, while installing the script to the new one.

Has been fixed within the latest update: