Touchable keeps crashing on load..


I’m using Touchable Pro on Windows, connecting to Ableton on the same device. Yesterday I was working on the set all day and I had no problems. Today all of a sudden the same exact set (and previous versions of the set that also worked) will crash Touchable Pro… I tried all different versions of the server and script, they all are crashing my set now, which makes me think maybe it’s the Touchable Pro app itself. Windows store says the app was updated recently, although it won’t tell me exactly when the update occurred, so I have to assume it happened after I had finished working on my set for the day yesterday.

I can’t figure out how to downgrade to the previous version using the Windows Store… I have a gig in a few days that’s completely reliant on this working, please help!

The idea that the app might suddenly update to a non-working version with no way to roll back is EXTREMELY problematic, and something I definitely did not anticipate or expect from an app that’s supposed to be able to be used for live performance-- Maybe you could offer a non windows store version with previous version downloads like you do for the sever?

My setup:
Touchable server + script v424
Latest Touchable app from Windows Store
Ableton 10.0.3
Windows 10 version 1803


Hey nukage,

First of all - sorry about the automatic uipdate! We will deactivate this option on all coming updates!

Now about the crash: very sorry this happens!
does it only crash if you open this exact set, or does it crash regardless?
If possible: please send us the Live set in question - it can be without samples etc.- also it’d be awesome if you would go to ‘users/username/AppData/Local/zerodebug.touchAblePro_n8xmrrdk4s5k2’ and send over that folder as well



Same issue for me. I tried using a surface pro 2 as a client PC, and got it working for a few seconds, then it crashed every time on load like the previous PC.

If I close everything and open everything in a specific order (with an empty project) I can get it to run for a little bit, until I try to edit a clip - then it crashes again. And that was just the first thing I tried to do - it probably crashes if you do other things as well.

Guys, I have an uncomplicated, fresh setup. This should not be happening. I am not going to go off on a tirade, as I’m a software dev myself, and I realize these things happen.

However, I strongly recommend that you change the app’s description in the Windows Store to say it’s Early Access.


Yeah I couldn’t risk things with my gig coming up and I found alternative midi solutions for the time being. Would love to re-incorporate Touchable into my setup, now I’m using 2 Launchpads for all my clip launching duties and Midi Designer for all my knob/fader duties. I’ve only just started building a new live setup, so it’s not very complex yet in terms of the number of tracks/clips, although I’m using Clyphx to do some pretty complex on the fly resampling. But in terms of number of tracks/scenes/clips, I think the version that I was trying to open had less than 40 tracks and less than 40 scenes, and very few clips.


@Zbad Totally understandable - we’re very sorry this happened. From now on we will make sure to not put any updates on auto release - and test them thoroughly before they go online. We know a lot depends on this app in a Live setting, so we will make sure that you can count on it!

@nukage please give the latest version a try - the mentioned bugs were fixed and it should load even huge sets (like 200x100) properly without issue now.

Sorry again - hope you’ll give it another try!


Just downloaded the latest windows version today in the Xmas sale same problems only a few clip launchers and plugins operating and Touchable Pro is crashing on my surface pro 3 using to control Ableton Live 10 latest version on the same machine. I own the iOS version which seems a lot more stable. Im using the latest windows 10 version and server version build also.

Please @Christian can you make the windows version more stable as its pretty much unusable at present.


Hi Same here… not reliable at all…
Im on a surface book 2 i7 16GB ram. but its dragging a lot!

everytime I add an FX it takes ages to update the screen also it pops the audio.

also it keep opening 2 instances of touchable at the same time.

please help.