Touchable Pro 3 + Windows 11 on same maschine

Hi there,

I am looking for the way to run Live and Touchable 3 Pro on same maschine. Some in forum are writing its pretty complicated to get it to run, and then it runs only occassionaly. Pascal, can you help here bevor i a buy the software? Tomorrow is coming my Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 and cant wait to try it with Touchable. I am using iOS Version since years and its just amazing having Ableton live under your fingertipps, literally :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


Hello, the developer of this app has abandoned this community and the app since November 2021, just so you know. It’s unsure if he comes back / updates the app anytime soon.
Concerning your question:
I successfully run it on the same win11 machine (Dell xps touch laptop).
It works OK, there are some minor bugs, e.g. with the sample-view, or with the custom-editor - and sometimes there are crashes, but not often. In general, i don’t use touchable pro anymore at this time, as i restrict myself to software which is 100% future-proof aka supported by its developers.
And yes, you have to follow the steps in this forum - here’s the link: