touchAble Pro App and Server Update

Finally we have finalised the first version of the App and server update!

We will release the first beta this evening!

If you like to test the new beta, please send a mail to our help desk ‘help . touch - able dot com’ and ask for a beta update. (mail address is required, to send out a beta invite)

The new update contains a fully rewritten server on all platforms, we also rewrote the connection part on the client side.

We also included tons of stabilty bugfixes and small features!

A took a long time but we think it was worth it.

All the best



Yes !!!:smiley::smiley:

Great idea!?! I am down to beta test!!!:musical_note:

Signed up to test…yes, at last!!

Anyone received the beta to test?

where is the link for the new server?
i just downloaded the app with testflight on my ipad

best stephan

The current server I’ve downloaded (today) is 428. The new touch-able beta (I also just downloaded today) will not connect. The connection status box “blinks” but not in a steady way. I did take a screen shot and uploaded it with the Beta tester app.

I followed the link in the testflight to Server and it said “you don’t have access to this topic.” Can someone link to the server dl? Thanks

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sorry for the inconvenience. Please use these links for server download. I will post the links directly in the beta invite for the next version.


.dmg opens fine, drag to Applications works, touchAblePro opens but does not appear in the topright menu…
thousand thanks…

hi there. i would like to beta test. how do i send mail to the help desk? thanks

please ask for the beta and attach your mail address

my issue is i do not understand how to contact the help desk. or should i ask here and leave my email address? thank you for helping

just contact us via the ‘link’ above. just remove the spaces and the by a “.”

please don’t leave your mail address here.



Can you please have the basic dignity and respect towards your paying customers by keeping them in the loop as to development updates. This is utterely disgraceful and does not inspire confidence in your team and company. Feeling totally insulted by your unresponsive indifference, I will be spending alot more time researching your team and informing your future employers of your utter incompetence. Good luck irresponsible(able) kiddies.