Touchable Pro crashes when adding a VST instrument on ableton MIDI Track

I have a problem related to the use of a VST. I’m trying to use the ANA 2 synthesizer for a new ableton project, but once I add it to a MIDI track, the touchable stops working and displays the following message in the ‘Connection Status’ panel: “Control Surface not responding”. The funny thing about this is that I can still send midi signals to ableton through the app and it works like it normally does, but if I try to add a new VST on another midi track, the app will no longer be refreshed with the new addition, which means that the input signal works, but the output signal does not. It only happens with ANA 2 vst, I have another project with 32 tracks and different types of vsts, and when I remove ANA 2 from that project and restart the app, touchable pro starts working as usual.

I want to know what the problem is. Does anyone have the same problem with this VST and Touchable PRO? The current solution for me is to stop using ANA 2 vst in my projects.

Tested in:
Touchable Pro: v1.761 (latest)
Touchable Server: v1.749 (latest), v1.727, v1.718
Ableton: v10.1.43
VST: ANA v2.0.994 (ANA2 x64.dll)