Touchable pro server on startup does not work

Hi people,
I would like to start the touchable pro server on startup. But this does not seem to work.

All works well when I start the touchable pro server manually (by clicking on the shortcut in my taskbar).

I use windows 10 professional for my PC where Ableton is running. and the normal Windows 10 version on the controller laptop with touchscreen.

I added touchable pro to the startup list. It is in the list and after startup the status is ‘enabled.’
I do not see the icon in my taskbar
(I do see the icon when I start the touchable pro server from a shortcut in my taskbar).
Also Ableton does not have midi input ‘touchable script’ enabled.

I also tried starting the touchable server together with Ableton from a .bat file . Also ran it as administrator, this does not help.
Ableton starts fine but the server does not.

This is the .bat file content:
START C:“Program Files”\Zerodebug\touchAble\touchAbleServer.exe

sleep 5

START C:\ProgramData\Ableton"Live 10 Standard"\Program"Ableton Live 10 Standard.exe"

Is there something in Windows 10 that prevents servers from being executed automatically?
What am I doing wrong?

It would be really nice if I can start the touchable server automatically.


autostart is on our feature list for an upcoming update. I remember that we had problems in past to realise and autostart. It maybe didn’t work, because we are not registered as trusted developer, (maybe also related to the .bat issue), but i cannot say for sure.