touchAble Pro v. 1.727 on iPad crashes in edit mode + new features

Hi all,

Great to see OSC-support added to touchable pro!

However, some bugs and shortcomings seem to be present in the current iPad version (v. 1.727 + the latest Mac server + Latest Live 11).

I just started moving my controls from lemur to touchable, as I’d really prefer using one controller app only.

For some reason Touchable Pro keeps crashing in editor mode when adding or copy-pasting new buttons etc. Also, many times after a crash I’m unable to start the app altogether. I have to delete touchable Pro from my iPad and install again, which is very frustrating and I loose all my latest saved settings too, of course.

(I started exporting my settings to iCloud, but still it’s a pain in the ass to keep reinstalling this thing and adding all the latest controls again.)

I’m on iPad Air 2, and iOS 14.3, but I don’t think that should be an issue?

Do you have any plans on releasing an editor for Mac OS X?

I think that might work better, and be more convenient too.

Other things I’d like to see added:

-Ability to copy controls between containers. (For now I don’t seem to be able to paste anything inside a container, which makes building new layouts somewhat slow and inconvenient.)

-Ability to copy / paste containers with all their contents

-Black color / transparency added to palette to make stuff blend to the background.

-Adjustable opacity for labels

-Ability to resize / zoom the images to make them fit better inside labels and controls.

-Layering objects / containers. We don’t need multiple layers, only two with ability to choose which one is on top (“Bring to front / send to back option” or similar) We could use already existing modules and place our own controllers on top of the ones we don’t need.

-Perhaps more midi ports too. Now we only have one with 16 channels.

Thanks for any help and for all your work,

All the best


Sorry to hear, since version 1.727 touchAble tries to “archive” each template before restoring it. In case it could not be restored it will be archived under:

/Layouts/Bottom/<template_name> _ <current_date>_temp.tat
/Layouts/Top/<template_name> _ <current_date>_temp.tat

That’s actually a good idea, but no plans yet.

We are currently working on an more convenient UI Editor independently from touchAble, once ready it will find its way into touchAble…

Something like a midi port for each device?



Good to hear that the UI editor is being developed.

That might be a bit overkill. I mean just a few more ports in general. I’ll be using touchAble to control my gear outside of ableton too, so I’ll run out of cc’s with just one port and 16 channels. For example Lemur has 7 midi ports and I ended up using most of them. It would be nice to have such flexibility with touchAble too. :wink: