Touchable pro with chromebook

So, I bought and installed Touchable Pro on my chromebook, thinking because it was available in the store that it would actually work too. It seems now my chromebook won’t connect to the server (Windows 10). My Android phone does, however. Is this normal, or is there a way to make it work on a chromebook, or is this functionality something that will be added in the future, seeing as as the app works, it just does not connect.


sorry for the late reply. Does Live run on the Chromebook, or a different machine? If you run Live on the same machine, please make to run the server on the same machine as well.



Hi Pascal

Would you be so kind as to look at the original question again? I think the individual had a touch screen Chromebook which should act as an android tablet/phone but fails to connect therefore it may need a script update.

kind regards


is it now possible to connect with a chromebook to the server ?