Touchable Pro without WIFI?


is this possible? I mostly want this app for live situations and don’t wanna rely on wifi connection, it will probably be too unstable, and that’s if the owner of the place where I will play my gigs wants to give me access to wifi.

If it’s not possible, can anyone tell me if they have used touchable pro in a live situation and how it’s worked for them? Thanks


connect your ipad with usb and open the network preferences and enable ipad usb.this would create a local network and you won’t need wi fi connection for any application.For touchable just connect with usb you don’t need wi fi


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately seems like that’s possible only on iOS for some reason. I have a Samsung tablet . I guess I will have to buy an iPad . Just in case , do you know if it will work with android ?


I don’t know .I am sorry.


In its current version the android version connects via WiFi only, but we are already working on a USB solution for Android. Cheers


Hi! Im having the same issue. I’m not able to see ipad usb in the network settings. I do see iphone usb only when I enable hot spot on my device, but since my ipad doesnt’ have hotspot it isn’t showing. Any ideas?


Hi, as i understand you wanna connect your iPad via USB? Do you work on a mac or on windows? We support a USB connection on both systems, just plugin your iOS device and you should the an available USB connection in touchAble’s connection/server view. Best


Hi. Actually If I Connect iPad or iPhone with usb cabel to my PC I do not see any active usb connection in touchable server control panel. It does not work. I can only Connect using wifi connection which isnt the best solution. I have 428 ver of server and I have win10 on my PC. Bonjure Service is installed. Rtp installed. What Could be an issue here?