VST Racks


Ive done VST Preset Racks for Touchable Pro, It’s not with the template build in but with the faders, so you can browse presets and tweak all the midi parameters from your favorite VST only using Touchable PRO. Take a look here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/334110720735938/ or here if you not are on FB: http://www.lovelight.biz/


Hey Tim,
this sounds great & I’m curious, is there examples of how this behaves & looks in Touchable Pro (for Arturia Collection & NI Komplete specifically) ? I’m not on FB, and your group page seems to be hidden behind a log-in wall… and there’s nothing on your non-FB website afai can see other than the sentence “The VST Racks also work in the same way with Touchable Pro.”


Hi alec.tron
There are some free racks on my site http://www.lovelight.biz/ to free synth you can try out. PS. Ive made the Arturia 6 collection that works with Touchable Pro so you can tweak parameters and browse presets.
Best regards


the one thing I am interested in - were you able to recreate the VST surface look & behaviour of the devices 1:1 inside Touchable ?
i.e. would I see this:

on the ipad in Touchable directly, and able to tweak each control ? ( in the above, most extreme example, I would be especially curious to hear if you managed to also do the cable-ing part for the Buchla… which would be quite a feat…).

Or are these re-creations/abstractions of the VST UIs with standard Touchable elements ?



Its only the re-creations/abstractions of the VST UIs with standard Touchable elements, meaning controlling the midi parameters from the vst using Touchable pro faders, and browsing the presets. But there should soon be a editor where you can do some UI interface of the vst in TP. Yes it could be cool if you could make the same interface with caples and all that, but there are so many different vst,s so i doubt if this is happening. I can send you the download link, for free, for the Buchla vst racks if you PM me.


any chance you can do vps avenger? https://www.vengeance-sound.com/plugins.php


Avenger is ready with 900+ racks for Touchable Pro.


You managed to make it work with avenger ? With all the bug with the template builder ? Is your template stable ?


Hi Zengel. It’s not with the template build in but with the faders only. But you can tweak all the midi parameters ive midi mapped and browse all the presets. The picture is from Xfer Serum.
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