Vst’s not showing or being detected in ableton

Win 10
Ableton 10
Installed app on iPad fine
Server on pc seems to install fine
Via server menu I installed x2 vst’s
Copied to ableton vst plug-ins folder
Got ableton to rescan, but never finds the studiomux vst’s
I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few different server versions but studiomux vst’s will never show up
My version of ableton 10 suite only has 1 folder option for vst’s, I have seen screen shots of later versions with other folder locations for v3 etc
So will this work with my version of ableton, the original version of studiomux used to work a few years ago
Any help would be appreciated
Many thanks in advance

The new Studiomux plugins are VST3, they need to be in: Local Disk C- Program Files-Common Files-VST3, Ableton can then see them. Is this where you put them? You also have to check the VST3 box in the plugins menu in Ableton preferences…

Thanks for the reply
But as I stated my version of ableton 10 only has an option for 1 vst folder
I have seen screen shots of more folder options in ableton preferences, but strangely my version doesn’t have any extra folder options

I can’t remember the Ableton 10 prefs layout anymore, but it definitely supports VST3 plugins. Sorry but I can’t help you with this one…

Just did a quick Google & discovered that only Ableton 10.1 & above supports VST3. Maybe you have an older version that needs updating. Also, if you have Ableton Lite, check that it supports VST3, maybe it doesn’t?

Thanks again for your help
Will have to update I guess
Many thanks

Sorry to be annoying
Is it possible to have ableton 10 and ableton lite running on the same computer?

Not at all annoying,happy to help.

You will have to try it, but if it’s a different version , I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. Worst that can happen, is having to uninstall & re-install if there’s a problem…


From Ableton.com

VST3 is only included in Live 10.1 or later.

The update should be free for Live 10 owner.

Since Steinberg abandoned VST2s, they are unfortunately not an option any more. We hardly could create some working VST2s on Mac. On Windows we were not able to create working versions.