Win 10 does not show any Studiomix MIDI Ports

Hi there,
I’m a long time Studiomux user. Previously I had v313 Server installed on my PC/Windows 10. I had a MIDI Port labeled “Studiomux” in all my MIDI Applications in Windows, so I used a cable iPad for MIDI via USB. All was perfect.

Lately I noted that my iPad updated automatically Studiomux app, and after I run the Win Server there is no “Studiomux” port shown in my MIDI Programs. My old server worked with iTunes drivers. Now I uninstalled iTunes and all Apple drivers and installed “CopyTransDriversInstallerv3.002” and the latest studiomux_5.140 Server. After I run the Server in Windows I can see in the tray the following:

Server Status: Ok
Available Devices USB: 1
Active Connections: 1

This makes me guess that the Server is OK, however after I open any MIDI Program in Windows say Cubase 12, Studio One 5 etc. there is no “Studiomux” MIDI I/O Port.
The Studiomux app is running on the iPad and Lemur is connected to it.

What’s wrong?

By the way when I connect the iPad to my Mac computer, a “Studiomux” MIDI Input is shown in Logic and all works as expected. With the Mac connection iPad app shows all MIDI Ports in the “Remote” section to the right. On Windows 10 nothing is shown in the “Remote” section, though the USB icon shows a good connection and the Studiomux tray report status OK.

Any ideas?

Is there is an Email Support? Which is the Zerodebug Email, so I contact them?