win 10 not connecting properly


So i bought the windows app, set everything up as was shown by the company.
rtpmidi, server, app, itunes, installed midi script in ableton and sync settings etc etc…![PNG|690x387]
shown in images.
But i get no mixer or clips etc. The weird thing is the app connecting and the transport is working, ableton is also receiving midi from the various touchable midi input methods.

Any answer

PNG PNG 3 4 5



sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please Update server/scripts and the App. We have just released a big update.




We just found an issue that could lead to exactly this behaviour! Please download and install Server & Scripts 424:
64 bit:
32 bit:


Oddly, i reinstalled windows (not just for this app) and everything started working properly.
I’m assuming i messed some registry thing up at some point.

I’ll be sure to install the update though.


Oh, these screenshots above are very familiar to me (on my Ipad Air 1, iOS11).
With the difference that in my Ableton MIDI configuration there is no “touchAble Script Input” to choose.
I use the lastest Server Version (424 ) Ableton Live 9 standard and WIN10. On another Machine (also WIN10 but Ableton Live lite 10, ther is the “touchAble Script Input”) it works fine.
I tried a to reinstall Server and Scripts several times without success.
Hope that I do not have to reinstall Windows…