WIN10 touchAble server says "USB driver not found" despite iTunes installation

Windows 10 build 19042 (current as of January 2021). touchAble Pro server version 1.633 (current version). iTunes, downloaded from Apple, not the Windows Store version.

Nevertheless, the touchAble server says “Server status: Apple USB driver not found! Get iTunes from

It looks like touchAble is connecting successfully over WiFi, but it would be useful to know how to make a USB connection work for environments in which WiFi is not available or reliable.


sorry to hear, please make sure, that the right version has been installed:

the log indicates, that the Apple Driver haven’t been installed properly

could you look in Apps & features, if the following packages have been installed?

  • iTunes
  • Apple Mobile Device Support 64bit
  • Apple Mobile Device Support 32bit
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Application Support
  • Bonjour

If they have been installed please open the comand line and check, if they have been inlcuded in the registry properly, by entering these commands.

reg query “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Apple Inc.\Apple Mobile Device Support” /v “Version”
reg query “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Apple Inc.\Apple Application Support” /v “Version”
reg query “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Apple Inc.\Bonjour” /v “Version”

Apple Mobile Device Support should be version
Apple Application Support should be version 8.5
Bonjour should be version

This version available on our homepage is the correct version:

I have

Apple Mobile Device Support (not identified as 32 or 64-bit)
Apple Application Support 8.6 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
Apple Software Update

When I plug my iPhone into a USB port, iTunes recognizes it. The “reg query” commands you suggest report the same version numbers.


thanks for the info, these versions will unfortunately not work with touchable, could you please deinstall all services and install this version:


Are you saying that I cannot use the current version of iTunes? Because if so, how can I keep iTunes up to date in order to correspond to the current versions of iOS and iPadOS?


Unfortunately on Windows Apple dropped support for Network connection in their latest iTunes version. Therefore a legacy version is reuired to function with touchable. It should not effect updating your mobile device Operating system.



The problem is that I also use iTunes to manage my extensive music library. And iTunes turns out to have a bug about which I am currently exchanging information with Apple Support. I do not want to be in a position in which I cannot take advantage of the fixed version of iTunes when it arrives.

Also, my understanding is that there is no guarantee that older versions of iTunes will continue to work to back up devices running future versions of iOS. So a situation in which a specific older version of iTunes is necessary for touchAble to operate is not tenable in the longer term.

Do you expect WiFi connections to continue to work, or do you expect touchAble to become completely useless in time?

Absolutely understandable. We will of course support Wifi in future. For Wifi we use our own Framework, which already allows a direct USB connection on MacOS devices. On Win we unfortunately still have to use 3rd software to get the USB connection working.



So should I assume that direct USB connection will be unavailable for the foreseeable future?


on windows the usb connection requires certain apple drivers, that are avaible in the mentioned iTunes version only. Until Apple does does not include these drivers in their official release version, we cannot provide this feature.



A strange thing has happened: Today, for no obvious reason, my computer has started showing my iPhone and iPad as devices in my “This PC” pseudo-folder when the Apple devices are connected via USB. Doesn’t this mean that my PC has appropriate device drivers? Because it is not running the version of iTunes that you say is necessary, and touchAble is still saying there is no driver.

Coming back to touchAble Pro after a couple of months away, it looks like you’re now recommending CopyTrans drivers as a way to avoid having to install a back version of iTunes for the drivers.

Two questions:

  1. Do the CopyTrans drivers interfere with the current version of iTunes?

  2. What about the version from the Windows Store?


Yes they interfere. It is not possible to install the copy trans (legacy iTunes libs) driver, when the latest iTunes downloaded from Apple is installed. The the copy trans driver contain libraries, that are also part of the latest iTunes version but of older date. iTunes will block the installation procedure.

I tested with the windows store version. The windows version as standalone is not sufficient to get the USB connection working. But i was able to install the copy trans driver next to it, resulting in a proper USB connection. But as the past showed any iTunes update could cause to make it disfunctional again.

For that reason we started to working on an alternativ solution, without the need to have acces to certain iTunes modules directly. You will still need to install an arbitrary iTunes version, that handles the iOS device discovery, but the connection and data transmission itself will be handled without iTunes.

The first beta server is already working in combination with the latest beta App that is waiting for Apple’s review.

So far the new USB connection is an early state. It can connect to one device, and it is required to start the mobile device App after starting the server. Being freed from iTunes comes at cost of using their convenient enviroment.

Many functionalities formerly provided by iTunes have to be implemented by us now. But we think it’s worth it considering the troubles since the beginning of touchAble.



When you say “You will still need to install an arbitrary iTunes version,” do you mean that I will have to install one specific version, or that I can install any version?

You can install any version, that allows connecting an iOS device to communicate with iTunes, wich is probably true for all iTunes versions.