Windows 10: Intermittent connectivity

I’m relatively new to Touchable Pro, and I’m blown away at the potential so far, but I’m running into serious stability issues with my PC…

Computer: PC-Windows 10
Tablet: iPad Air 2, iOS 15.5
T.P Server: v1749

I definitely have the script installed (more-or-less) correctly because this app works great most of the time. But when I leave Ableton up inactive for a short period of time (5-10ish minutes) to focus on a task, I start noticing the app crash and restart. After doing that a couple of times, the app won’t initialize the project on the restart.

Sometimes I can Force-Quit the app and restart, and that will help, but eventually that stops working as well. I end up having to close my Ableton project, restart the T.P. server, and then restart the app. That tends to fix it, but it’s a really annoying process to do multiple times in a session. Sometimes even that stops working, and requires a full system reboot.

Any recommendations to improve stability?