Windows 10 midi ports bug (usb)

Sending midi directly to the Channel seems possible and works ok
But , creating ports from the app ,you can’t send midi to the AUs loaded , even if you select from “Local Sources” the correct port
Most of the times only one random port works and all apps seem to receive midi from the specific port
Reading the manual didn’t help

Local MIDI ports are displayed to left. These can either be ports that
have been created or ports of Other Apps. The ports are mirrored to the
desktop and can be used to send MIDI to your mobile device.
Remote ports can either be virtual ports ord Hardware ports that have
ben mirrored from the desktop to your mobile device

My guess is that those ports are meant for IAA apps ,but still it’s confusing and might be a bug
Also there is no remote port shown in the app from my PC (virtual ports)

iOS 13 Air2 , Win 10 21H2