Windows app and ipad app crashing


Hiya guys

I have been having issues with the app on windows crashing (replicated on ipad also using the same problem projects)

In my situation when i load my default template when starting live then everything connects and works as it should.

When i go to load certain projects that i had saved then the app tries to reconnect and then crashes.It only occurs with certain projects

I went through all my projects where this happens looking at possible issues. I think i have drilled down to the issue which for me is having a track using simpler in slice mode. Possibly where this is a high number of slices.

I can replicate the issue very easily.
Simply drag in audio sample to audio track.
Then convert that track to a simpler.
Change the mode to slicing
save the project.

reopen default project and then load the saved project. The app closes on load.
now that the project is open. Simply change the slicing mode to classic
Now reopen windows app and it works.




facing the same issues with the windows app version opening up saved projects


I’ve also had this issue, fix asap



sorry for the inconvenience. We have found the bottom of the issue and will upload an update asap.