Abandon Ship?

Hello every one, first of all as stated before I am a huge fan of touchable pro.
How ever as has become obvious there seem to be some serious problems going on and it looks like the app is abandoned.
For the users that used this app professionally this is a very serious issue.
I am about to update my laptop for a new model and than it looks like I will be left with out my core user interface.
If Pascal or any one else from zerodebug could even give us a hint or nudge that there is still a future it would help!
If not I think its time to start thinking about alternatives.

So here is my question to you all, what alternative do you guys recommend?
Before touchable I used a Launchpad mini.
I might return to that.

how about sidecar for mac, any one tried that?

Lk seems to be another one.

Push would be nice but for a traveling musician its just stupidly big.

Thank you

If zerodebog cant make it lets hope Ableton makes its own tablet controller as this truly is the future, touchable is by far the best thing I have seen.


I too would be interested in a any updates.

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Voting to release this app as opensource, or selling to different developer company. On our side we are planing to switch to touchosc 2.0 when there will be spare tme.


Guess I picked a bad time to purchase last month. :person_shrugging:t2:

this is clearly abandonware. the closer alternative is using the app LK or even TouchOSC, but this requires a lot of scripting to get something useful out of it.

Open source sounds great but I would not know how to contribute besides feature suggestionsXD Yes spare time is needed for these things, making sure it is stable and getting used to the workflow.
Scripting also sounds like unfamiliar territory for me.
Features I am worried about loosing when leaving Touchable would be some of these.

A Viewer for navigating a large set and quickly navigating to the desired clips.
Double tap on the header to instantly jump to the clips that are playing.
Long press on a clip to access the volume and bar measures of a clip.
Undo redo buttons.
I also think touchable is the best looking interface but that is just visual and not that important.
Volume faders but i think they are standard on all platforms.
Any one know how LK or OSC compare in these regards?

Why do zerodebug keep selling the software if it is no longer supported? This seem to be very unfair to new users. Luckily for me beside the odd shut down of the app I never had much problems with it. Even when it went down, I was always able to reopen the app during a live show with out much trouble.
The problem for me is soon I will need to update my laptop and thus the os also.

you can try LK for free and see for yourself. i really enjoy their matrix module, which is basically abletons session view. it suits my needs for now. its not as feature rich as touchable but might fit your workflow, and the devs are constantly updating the app so its a safer bet from my pov.

just received a total refund on touchable pro. i dont want to spend my money on unsupported apps. just bought LK and use it as control surface and its great with developers that care and listen to the community. i encourage everyone to do the same.

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gawd damn, just did the refund today… hope theyll accept this.
what a sad story… i was so freakin hyped

Out of curiousity - the one thing I used Touchable for the most, was to have an immediate device (touch) interface (i.e. when a device is active in Ableton, touchable would load up the UI template for a given device) at ones fingertips.

Does LK have anything similar to that feature? The website/info does not seem that it does not have a device view / templates at all (?).

Also, Touchable was adding automation/modulation editing over its’ last year of life… but was still somewhat finicky. Now with MPE, this is another area which I would love a touch interface for Live…
How is LK in that area ?

Cheers for the info - as I am looking for a Touchable replacement as well, seeing the abandoned ship that seems to be Touchable Pro now.


Ouch, this is most depressing as I just purchased Touchable. :frowning: It’s not just the $29.99, it’s the time I will spend learning my way around on abandonware.

How do you go about getting a refund?

contact apple support asap