Abandon Ship?

Out of curiousity - the one thing I used Touchable for the most, was to have an immediate device (touch) interface (i.e. when a device is active in Ableton, touchable would load up the UI template for a given device) at ones fingertips.

Does LK have anything similar to that feature? The website/info does not seem that it does not have a device view / templates at all (?).

Also, Touchable was adding automation/modulation editing over its’ last year of life… but was still somewhat finicky. Now with MPE, this is another area which I would love a touch interface for Live…
How is LK in that area ?

Cheers for the info - as I am looking for a Touchable replacement as well, seeing the abandoned ship that seems to be Touchable Pro now.


Ouch, this is most depressing as I just purchased Touchable. :frowning: It’s not just the $29.99, it’s the time I will spend learning my way around on abandonware.

How do you go about getting a refund?

contact apple support asap

Very strange to me. Such a great app just wasted.

Bummer, had a love/hate relationship with the original TouchAble for years. Guess Sidecar and others, not to mention COVID, took the wind out of it. The Search continues.

Hello, just out of curiosity as a Windows user, “Sidecar” is the ipad touch control for Mac Users right?
So: basically controlling the normal Ableton interface via Ipad? Or even a huge touchscreen?

I m using a 24 inch Touch Display nowadays (on windows): that’s the only size i find convenient to control Abletons Interface, because it is in no way well adjusted for touch control.

It s working quite ok-ish.

Better feeling than relying on abandonware like touchable pro.

Update, contacted Apple and they refunded me.

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I don’t want to say I know anything - but I heard some bird tweeting that this project is not dead :open_mouth: (which would be a blast since my liveset somewhat depends on this - LK is not good at huuuuge amount of clips/scenes)


Yes I tried lk and it was terrible for a large set. It was sluggish, took a long time to load and the navigation window doe not show anything.
I have since then found a work around. I found out that mapping a midi knob to the Ableton set scroll is super fast. Way faster than iPad. If you know that such and such clips live at say 9 o clock you turn the (non continuous ) knob and there you go.
This only works for up and down navigation.
Than I figured out that left and write plus up and down can be done by keystrokes. So with the arrows , the enter button and the delete button it is easy to record and delete clips. I use a midi to keystroke converter to do all this with my nano korgkontrol.

To speed up horizontal navigation I I placed a utility on the desired track and mapped it the device to a midi button, like this you can instantly jump to that track and use the arrows to navigate to tracks near by. And the last thing I figured out was to avoid having to select the clip grid with the mouse( incase you click and jump to some distant track and a mapped device. you can pres the tab button twice. this lock you back into the clip grid.

Now I have a faster control of my set. What I still miss is the volume mixing and the overall stylish wow factor the iPad provided. Also I am missing the ability to enter the settings of a clip. But with over all workflow, speed, accuracy and stability I think I have moved on from this Wonderfull app.

Part of my Touchable Pro learning experience was:

Never ever rely on external software solutions other than the main DAW to control your Liveset. , especially if they involve a remote script. (Unless of course you never want to update your OS and your DAW … lol)
You will be disappointed, frustrated, and let down.

For my user case (2 huge touch monitors, no tiny ipad/android devices), the only reliable and in some ways future proof solution seems to be a self made Touch OSC interface, as it does not rely on a remote script.
But of course, this means only basic controller assigments via Midi cc, not being able to see a visual representation of the session view.

Thanks for sharing! I always love to hear solutions to avoid the mouse.
You might be interested in both “remotify” and “clyphX” in case you dont already know them. Both can be useful to fine tune complex live setups with controllers, improving workflow greatly. I dont use them though atm, as the functions i need (determine clip length before recording, and controlling -selectedTrack- volume, sends, etc) are also possible via m4l devices.

Yeeeah - I know. But it is a dependency I can work around, but it would be very nice if I can keep using Touchable (Festival-Season is coming and I have enough work on including new tracks and fattening up the sound). So I really hope that the guys from Touchable will release something soon <3.
Clyphx and Remotify are highly recommendable - my Live-Setup won’t work without the first :slight_smile:

Well i wouldnt mind the developers to return like Gandalf the White, but they are absolutely DEAD since November of 2021, so not sure about that.

i read about “[Beta] OSC Output from ClyphX Pro” and saw ‘lebasti’ there too, haha
In case you know much about ClyphXs OSC communication (i dont), could you please tell me why there’s no “touchable pro” template yet, created by this guy here, who made this video:

I would love to just buy Clyphx + TouchOSC and re-create Touchable Pros Clip and Mixer-view there, BUT: - i dont see any tutorials for ClyphXOSC function… and don’t know if it’s worth it to start, without any deep knowledge-resource. man that’s sad.



Does anyone know how to refund the money in the Microsoft App Store?
I think for software which doesn’t work any longer there could be a rule to get the money back?

EDIT: microsoft store personel told me: 30 days is the limit for a refund.

It seems now all apps from Zerodebug are gone and the worst, a re-download is impossible, even if you look in the list of items you bought (i bought touchable 3, modstep and soda) you won’t find them, they are all gone. Luckily i got a refund for touchable pro when i bought it shortly after Live 11 was released and nothing worked (even it was advertised as Live 11 ready).

Perhaps they are (or is ? i don’t know) really dead . More than Abandon …just not living anymore . No one is eternal . That’s a supposition but as i saw so mutch people continuing to come here as the app will never evolve nor is functionnal. Perhaps it’s time to stop asking things to their developpers ?

its at least two people, i doubt they are both dead

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Noo, they aren’t dead - I wrote with one on of them via linkedin last year and he told me that they are going to migrate this project to their new framework, but I think as they maybe have other jobs, this wonderful product is not in their focus :/.


Hope they come back… Live 12…


It would be a big relief if one of them would drop a line not even announcing anything. Just so we would know the best touch software for Ableton is not abandoned. It’s sad because with the new live 12 beta the compatibility issues between the last version of touchable and live get bigger.

@lebasti maybe you could try to reach them again?

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