macOS Catalina compatibility

Soooo, Zerodebug does zero answers these days but I’ll post anyway…

Studiomux is not compatible with macOS Catalina – any plans to bring it up to speed? As it stands, Studiomux seems like it has been abandoned by Zerodebug.

BTW, I’d be happy to fix/rewrite your horrific manual for a competitive fee!


sorry for the inconvenience and the late reply, we just finalised the new touchable server update… and started working on an app and server update for midimux and studiomux now!!!



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OMG, a reply! I’m so happy – Thanks! I await a groovy new improved Studiomux!!!

Thank you Zerobug to come back and fix/improve and make available Studiomux for macOS Catalina!

Can’t wait the update!

It’s not out yet, correct?

Zerodebug/Pascal, If the app/server update ever happens (and I hope and pray that it does) please consider these features. Other than Catalina compatibility and CPU thieving issues…

  • Allow saveable states for built-in AB instances (Also the IAA Instrument instances of AB make SMUX crash — again and again and again.)
  • Get rid of the stupid ‘AB must be open first message’ (It’s false and bloody annoying.)
  • Allow deleting presets in the LOAD menu.
  • Get Ableton LINK working properly.
  • Fix the tempo indicator and transport.
  • Fix the ‘Auto Load’ rocket in the menu. It really messes things up when you want apps to load in the background.
  • Clearly display sub items in the IAA instruments menus.
  • Enable MIDI PC sending through SMUX generator VST/AU channels (i.e. on the same channel strip in Live 10)…this problem means you you can’t easily use an SMUX VST as part of an instrument rack.
  • Enable use on iPhone 6 (iOS 12.4.4) - ***actually, it seems this only breaks on Animoog for iPhone.
  • Enable audio devices to remember the sample rate in macOS AUDIO/MIDI settings.
  • Fix the VST so iOS devices can be selected – especially when there is more than one iOS device the the GUI screws up and won’t let you select a device.
  • Studiomux MIDI IN/OUT ports disappear in LIVE 10 when another IAA synth is opened in SMUX. makes it impossible to send MIDI clock to apps…

***There is a thing where Live 10 crashes whenever the SMUX audio device (only as part of an aggregate audio device) disconnects – this makes the 18/2 device unusable as USB connections often toggle state. Not SMUX’s fault but thought you should know.

I’ll add more things as I think of them…