macOS Catalina compatibility

hi zerodebug, can you tell will you fix compatibility with catalina? please🙏

It has been over a year since Pascal replied to my original post. Nothing has happened for Studiomux — Not even a beta. Disappointing? Yes. Surprising? No.

god man. please fix it!!!

hi guys are you alive?

I keep checking back here daily in the vain hope of an update but all I find is…nothing.

Pascal posted this six days ago in answer to a Touchable Pro query:



Hey, sorry for the long wait. We will publish a new server for touchAble and an beta app update today. We are currently finalising the beta for studiomux and we merged big parts of the servers for studiomux and touchable, so critical updates will affect both apps/server in future. It unfortunately took a while.

A recent post elsewhere by Pascal stated that due to having completely re-written Studiomux for the upcoming update, it was not possible to patch the current server …

Ah, so maybe we should be reading touchAble posts to learn about the product that this part of the forum is dedicated to? :expressionless:

Anyway, thanks for the update. It’s about as close as we get as an actual meaningful response from the developer.


we finnaly uploaded the first studiomux beta. It will probably be released later this night. A first server is available for mac. An VST3 effect is available to send/receive audio.

More informations, a version history and server downloads can be found on our webpage:

We will add AUs, Instrument Plugins and an Audio Device for mac later this week.
A Windows server will also be available later this night.

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Great news! Thanks for the heads up. Happy to test the Windows Beta when it’s ready…there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Hope it’s not driving you too crazy, I can only imagine how complex this must be to code. Fantastic that an all new Studiomux is finally on it’s way…along with AUM it’s the most used app in my ios toolbox…more power to you & the team…keep up the good work, the finishing line is in sight!.. :slight_smile:

Excellent. Very big step! Looking forward to this bringing iOS/macOS integration back to life! Thanks.

Requested to join the beta. No response.
v5.0005 up but despite reports that audio could be transmitted via VST3 it fails to install every time in Catalina. Anybody had any luck with it?


i added you to the beta list. You will automatically receive a beta, as soon as a new version got reviewed by apple…

Could you please precise the installataion error? The new server+vst will also only work with the latest beta.


OK, thanks :slight_smile:

Specifically, I can drag the file into the applications folder, no problem.

But when I launch the server application it attempts to install the VST3 but delivers a message that it failed.


Same problem, I installed the studiomux server and it seems everything is ok but, when I launch it it says:

Failed to install all modules:

VST3 plugin: Failed.

Macbook pro 2012mid Mojave 10.14.6

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have you tried with the latest installer? 5.006+

If the installer fails could you please check the Server App’s Resouce folder:


All plugins available, can be found here.



Yeah, I tried 5.006.

I ended up copying the VST3 from the resources folder. Tested again today after the beta iOS app became available and got it to connect temporarily. The audio was not really usable though – signal is not clear.


Do you encouter crackles?



Yes. That is correct.

This is still appearing on the first launch after adding to the Applications folder.

Very happy to see Studiomux getting updated! Have downloaded windows server and would love to test when possible !