no load, no save custom templates

Hello, I have problems to be able to save or load my templates, the menu allows me to create new ones, but the LOAD and SAVE button does not work, the screen always seems empty despite trying to save the template, and Load does not open any explorer.
I use the latest version touchablePro with ableton 11 with windows 10 and the app with a laptop touch also windows 10.
I hope you can help me, I have a lot of work on the templates that I want to recover.


if you like, send us one of the templates (via pm), that fail to load and i we will find the issue.



well the whole templates list is blank on the windows app. it is also not possible to create new templates. i have mentioned this in a different thread (Running touchable pro on same windows laptop as Live) a few weeks ago. still waiting for a reply…

Any progress here?