studiomux 5 doesn't work on windows

Hi, studiomux 5 doesn’t work on windows. I’m on iOS 13.7, Win10 X64 1909
Everything was fine with previous version.
Unfortunately my iPad updated the app automatically, so I installed new server 5.0126 and latest iTunes as stated in the new manual.
Actually I can only send midi from Ableton 11 to iPad.
Studiomux Instrument vst3 crashes DAW (same for the Effect plugin) and doesn’t show app loaded on iPad.
Also, context menu in tray icon doesn’t show local MIDI ports!!
Am I missing something or other users are my same situation?
Please help me

The new iTunes no longer contains the drivers needed to run Studiomux on Windows.
You can install just the drivers using CopyTrans Drivers Installer from How to Install iOS Drivers without iTunes in Windows? - Ultimate Tech , also available from CNET and elsewhere.

Before running CopyTrans, iTunes MUST BE REMOVED. Follow the instructions to remove iTunes from How to Downgrade iTunes 12 for Windows to an Earlier Version (
Once iTunes is removed run the CopyTrans Driver Installer.

This alone will let you route AUDIO from iOS to Windows 10 over USB thru Studiomux (I can verify it works).

If you need MIDI as well you need to install LoopMidi or a similar program. I installed it & created a couple of virtual ports which I can see on Windows & my iPad but I’ve yet to figure out how to connect thru Studiomux. The issue is connecting to the virtual port in Studiomux on iPad.

Right now I’m using a Lightning camera connector with a couple of Mio MIDI to USB cables connected back to back thru a couple of female to female DIN connectors, gives 1 in & 1 out MIDI channel. Works great, plug & play except for needing activate in my DAW (Reaper).

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Hi and thanks for your help.
Unfortunately I cannot uninstall iTunes which I still use for transferring files to my iPad.
Btw, after a deep inspection, I’ve realized the problem was my firewall which blocked studiomux vst3 connection. Now everything works nice but I still need to know which port/.exe to unblock since I don’t want to open everything when I need to use studiomux.
Instead, I can easily connect MIDI from/to my DAW (Ableton), you just need to create a custom MIDI port on studiomux app and select that port for sending/receiving data.
Still problem on getting everything in sync since MIDI clock is not transmitted nor received on my custom port. Using Ableton link right now but very buggy.
Also I hate I cannot have my iPad Instruments full screen. It’s a mess to have the musical app inside studiomux app at a reduced size! How do you manage this?

IAA mode was used to go full interface but Apple dropped support of this technology in recent updates. I also struggle with size problem and hope there will be something connecting full size tapped applications.

Apple dropped which technology?

IAA, as far as I know

I’m loading AU format apps such as Moog Model D and no full screen

yeah, if you use AU mode, than no full screen. Only IAA supported that option :confused: as for now I don’t think we have it.

Ok, but if I use Audiobus 3 I can launch my AU app outside Audiobus in full screen, this doesn’t happen in studiomux which launch the AU inside itself at a reduced size.

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I see. Btw have not tried to route using Audiobus as host for AU, will try it

IAA is still working fine. It’s been deprecated by apple, which just means it will no longer be actively supported, but may in fact continue to work for many years to come. In the event of it actually ceasing to work, some time in the future, a fix may well be implemented by independent developers . For the time being IAA is working as it always has, & does indeed have the advantage of being full screen for all apps. AUv3 screen size implementation, as far as i understand, is dependant on individual devs of apps like Studiomux, AUM, or Audiobus.
If you look in the Studiomux browser when selecting an app, you have the choice of IAA or AUv3, however not all your apps will appear in both lists, as some are only AUv3,& some are only IAA, but some will appear in both lists as they are both IAA & AUv3…

Unfortunately Moog Model D is AUv3 only. I’m trying to make my routing starting from Audiobus 3 and finishing in studiomux (instead of relying on studiomux only), but as I route Model D OUT to studiomux Channel 1 IN it’s all crackles and noiz. Hope that zerodebug guys will remove this size limitation or I have to give up with the app

Maybe the buffer size is too small in Audiobus, or Studiomux? If it is, increase the buffer size (or in Audiobus “Latency Control”) & the crackles should go away. Model D can be very cpu hungry…

(EDIT: sorry for the repetition. I hadn’t seen the other replies when I wrote this)

IAA has not been dropped. It was deprecated which only means that other technologies are preferred and that iaa won’t get new features and that at some point that it will be dropped. Some technologies have been supported for many years after being deprecated.

IAA is still present in iOS 14 and working fine. And it sounds like also in iOS 15, too.

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Did you notice that you can tap and hold on the AU’s title bar and resize the AU window in the StudioMux window to grow it to be pretty much full-screen?

What buffer size are you using?

What iPad are you running?

yep noticed that but not comfortable as having it apart. I’ve got an iPad Air 3.
Cannot get audio back into my daw with AU but I can with IAA

Got it re-scaling! Human Error! (See Edit) I Can’t see the problem really, it scales quite nicely. I prefer IAA, but that’s just me & the way I use the iPad in my studio…

That sounds like you may have the routing wrong or something when using AU. Generally, when there is a choice of AU vs IAA, AU will be a better choice and will use fewer resources.

When using the AU, are you hosting in StudioMux or somewhere else?

Is the problem the audio not getting back or getting the MIDI to the AU? If you play the AU from the built-in keyboard on the iPad, does the audio get to StudioMux’s output? Does it make it to the computer?

Hosting AU in Audiobus, routing audio OUT into Studiomux Channel 1, then loading studiomux inst vst3 into my DAW. Unfortunately Audio doesn’t go from Channel 1 to my DAW, nor I can see meter moving in studiomux Channel 1 and studiomux out 1. AU is making sound as soon as I send MIDI to it.

I think a little bit of troubleshooting is needed – as it isn’t clear from what you have written that your issue is related to Windows. It could be a setup or Audiobus issue. To troubleshoot, the first thing to do is to eliminate potentially complicating factors. So, start with hosting a single AU synth in the StudioMux app itself.

This assumes that you are using the latest version of everything (i.e. latest beta of the StudioMux app).

I recommend trying the following.

Hard reset your iDevice and reboot your desktop.

On the iPad, launch StudioMux and load Moog Model D into the first channel. Set the buffer to 128 or 256

Before connecting to the server

On the iPad, play the synth from either Studiomux’s or the Model D’s keyboard (you will have to grow the AU’s window for its internal keyboard to display).

When you do this, you should hear the synth and see some output level indicated in Studiomux

On the desktop, start up the server. Add StudioMux instrument as a plug in and specify getting the input from Studiomux’s first channel. Make sure that your host is setup to monitor that channel (I can’t tell you how much time I wasted trying to track down an issue that was really my having forgotten to turn input monitoring on for a track)

Now, play the Model D on the iPad. You should see output level and hear the sound on your PC.

Once this is working, it will be time to bring Audiobus into the picture.