Please be more explicit with updates/versions/server/links...!

the latest testflight email states 1.559 (2581) as latest on iOS app…
And a;so states:
“find the latest server in our forum:]”
This sounds like an invitation to a treasure hunt, and turns out, it was…

There’s many threads, pinned & in various categories here now that now list server versions and claiming they’re the ‘latest’… and honestly, it’s a mess.

1.520 in Title. 1.536 inside is claimed to be the latest here, and pinned:

There’s one claiming to be “latest”, and being pinned:

But, there’s only a link to 1.555

Then there’s this:

Linking to this:
Which finally seems to be 1.559.
Correct ?
Alas, the above looks to be an official release, whereas testflight would be beta server version, no ?
It’s getting more than a tad confusing…
So the last seems the most promising… but, finding this should not require 5+ minutes of trawling through the forum.

Just my 2 cents…

ps. also, an absolute/reliable repo of all server versions, that clearly lists versions & maybe even their dates (instead of a monolithic dropbox link) would help too on this…

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Ha. Yes this please. I just spent nearly a half hour looking for what server to go with the latest Testflight.

I’m still not at all clear on this with the Mac version. Touchable was connecting with whatever server I had installed and after updating the Testflight it won’t. 1.559 goes with which server (link please)? Thanks

Edit, seems the server is now in the official setup?

By the same logic, of the windows release I found, have a look here:

But, obvious it is not…

Btw - I tried and got the latest server for the v1.559 by changing the filename in the link:

Noted - and updated now!
We’ll keep better track of the various links & posts we have with different versions.

Thanks for the Feedback guys - absolutely get you!

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Some release notes listing fixes/features would be real handy

Bump on this topic…

due to:

  • email sent with the following info “new servers will be available in the forum”…
  • upon checking for this - the pinned massage for latest version in forum is still stating 1.563 as the latest, alas, I already have 1.566… (?!)
  • where’s this new server on the forum…??
  • this shouldn’t be difficult to find/post/keep up with…