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WIN: Latest Server & Scripts Package: 416 (3)

The current Server version for Windows is 416: 64bit: https://zerodebug.com/server/touchAble_416_x64.exe 32bit: https://zerodebug.com/server/touchAble_416_x86.exe We will use this thread to post notifications whenever…

OSX: Latest Server & Scripts Package: 417 (4)

The current Server version for OSX is 417: https://zerodebug.com/server/touchAble417.pkg We will use this thread to post notifications whenever a new Server build for OSX is available. If you want to be notified when …

Welcome to touchAble Pro (6)

Hello everyone :slight_smile: We have just released touchAble Pro ! We are excited to finally share it with all of you - and we sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy using it! To setup for touchAble Pro, please follow our g…

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