studiomux 5 beta


finally we uploaded the first version of the studiomux beta.

You can now also download the beta via public link, this seems to be more convenient :).

Details about the current state of the beta and server downloads can be found here:



Sorry but on your profile there’s no p.m. option.
How do I send you private mail?

I don’t see where to private message you. Possible to be added to the studiomux beta?
Thank you

Down bellow Pascal’s message theres a link to download the server

hi there! happy to see this update! awsome, thanks!
but I have filed message when trying to instal plagins

Hi - I’m wondering if there will be an Audiobus integration?

I do not see a PM either, could i please be added to the beta, I’m assuming the iOS app is on testflight?


you can now also download the beta via public link, this seems to be more convenient :).

Details about the current state and server downloads can be found here:

Regarding the failed install, you will find all plugins within the apps resource folder

I will try to fix the install bug, unfortunately it installs fine on all our devices.



Much better way of getting on to the Beta. Thanks.

First impressions are very encouraging . Not fully functioning on my system yet ,Air 3 ios 14.2, Win 10 (latest) Ableton 10 (latest). Audio is distorted, & server reporting wifi connection only, no USB. Will persevere, maybe reinstall etc, etc…

I spoke to soon! Not really working at all & it broke Touchable pro as well…can’t really test it, because both the app & the server are not working well enough to test. I await the next Beta version…
Not a problem as i didn’t expect it to work straight away…just happy that it’s getting close. to a working version…

Cool redesign. Unfortunately AUv3 loading is still nonfunctional (tested on iPhone SE 2020 w/ iOS14.2). But hey, the app opens! :grinning:

I’ve got both the VST3 INST/GEN plugins working in terms of the connections with IAA apps (macOS 10.15.7/iOS 14.2) but the audio is very crackly/poppy so not really usable yet. Still, it’s a step in the right direction.

Had an iOS app crash just before when I switched the lightweight cable’s USB port just now.

It feels good to see this new version, still, it doesn’t send audio, aparently sends midi, because you can see the midi sources but you can’t use them.

When I drag an audio unit in a track (i don’t even know how to install the vst yet), it doesn’t recognize the device, actually I can see on the server the wifi connection but not the usb.

On the app, when I try to drag an audio unit it just shots out with every single of them. This last version on TestFlight has a kind f drag issue just on channel 1, I can’t drop any IAA or AU.

And that’s till now I guess…

Anyway, it really looks good and the way you re-imagined it is awesome! I just wait AU can be used full sized, I love to perform screentouch way!

Will this solve the Windows 10 iTunes/Studiomux problem?

I have been testing it without iTunes installed. The new server doesn’t need it anymore.

PLEASE IGNORE. Wrong info. As far as i know, You DO need either Itunes or the alternate install.

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Thanks. So…then hopefully…one can run the latest version of iTunes and still be able to run Studiomux. I’ll experiment.

Apologies, I gave you wrong information, i got confused. As far as i can see you DO need either iTunes or the alternate install ( Copy Trans ). Maybe @Pascal could confirm.

Macbook i9. Big Sur
iPad PadOS 14.2

I’m getting nothing but clicking noise, and the menubar studiomux icon shows the plugin being used, it shows no connection. The odd thing is that the – I’m sorry; I think german word – showing up changed from the previous attempt to this one.

Confirming the start up process on ipad: start up audiobus first, then studiomux. Then add whatever you want for the external fx processing to use… at that point I’d expect that the studiomux menubar item would see a connection but it does not.

Here is a video of my screen; I could use Screencast to get the ipad at the same time if it’s needed – though honestly I don’t think that the lightning cable would work with studiomux if it’s piping video

You can also see I pop open Audio Midi Setup and show that I can connect to the ipad via IDAM, so it’s there, just studiomux isn’t seeing it at all.

I’m very happy to troubleshoot any specifics, etc.

Latest windows version link doesn’t seem to be working.

Yup. Straight to a 404…